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Healthy Holidays (for a change)

If you’re like my family, you look forward to the holiday season to take a break from your hectic routine and the stress leading up to the end of the year. Many people emerge from this time relaxed, but desperately in need of health-related resolutions to shed the extra pounds. In our case we also gather with extended family to do the typical things – talk, laugh, sleep, play games, watch sports – but, unlike most others, also EXERCISE!admit one : san francisco (2012)


Food is Fuel – Try it! (by Dr. Geoff Abrams)

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were starving for food, but you didn’t know what to make let alone it be healthy?

So many of us are caught up with the day to day responsibilities that we often overlook our diets as a contributor for our successes or failures throughout life.

Truth is that FUEL is what drives us.  Ask any anyone who has competed at an athletic event and it was all about what they ate before, during and after their competitive race that made the difference.  If we are nutrient deficient we cramp in the race or run out of energy.  Same holds true in the business arena. (more…)

Goin’ Green(s)

Anyone who knows me, or reads the “About” section, is aware that one of my hobbies and passions is fitness & health. I love it! It’s not only because of the obvious “body benefits,” but it’s is an important ingredient to the whole idea of diversity and balance in life – “sound mind, sound body” etc.

Because fitness is such a personal passion, this post will “officially” launch the “BLUE LIFE” section of my blog – a category focused on fitness, faith, family, fashion, current events – all the “other stuff” I really care about that makes up the ingredients of a colorful life.

So…I want to start with a quick personal tip on using celery in smoothies. I can hear it…you’re saying…what? Got to be kidding – celery (on this blog?)? Really? Nope – not kidding. No apologies. Celery! Here goes…Celery @ The Shuk