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Style: Give Summer a Classy Fall Upgrade

Wow, talk about a “cold snap” in South Carolina. It’s gone from being in the 80s-90s (with lots of rain!) to low 60s. While it’s very unusual (..and sure to rebound – hopefully!), it’s a reminder that fall is lurking just around the corner.

So, it’s time to pull out the sweaters, sweatshirts and jeans, right? Nope, I don’t think so! One of my favorite styles for this time of year is to keep the shorts but pair them up with a long shirt or, on a colder day, a sweater…or even a blazer. It’s actually a nice way to give shorts a really classy touch and a major upgrade over the traditional (..and expected) summer t-shirt.

Oh…and by the way, if it warms up a little during the day, you can always roll up the sleeves and…voila, you have a short-sleeved sophisticated summer look.

So here’s the look…Tell me what you think. Hey, and let’s add/try something fun. If you send me a picture of yourself with this look, I’ll post it on my blog (! A chance to be famous…(well, sorta)…and just have fun.