Vision to Action: 4 Ways to Diagnose the Health of YOUR “Bridge to Growth”

If you’ve seen the previous video on the “4 dysfunctions,” you’re likely thinking: “how do I prevent them from happening to me?” Especially in our age of hyper-competitiveness and ever-changing economic environment, companies are constantly challenged to evolve, flex, overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. How do you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization’s capability to translate vision to action? In this video I give four straightforward answers to this important question.

Vision to Action: 4 Dysfunctions of an Organization on the “Bridge to Growth”

Welcome to the 3rd video in this series on “Vision to Action: Bridge to Growth.” Now that you understand the model, I’m putting it to work highlighting the 4 main dysfunctions all organizations deal with at some point in their life-cycle. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” – they’re not deadly unless they persist unchecked – but it’s YOUR JOB, as a leader, to make sure you identify and stay on top of them.

The labels of the primary dysfunctions are listed again here (may not be clear from the video): “sagging, wall, void, silo.” Now it’s up to you to match them up…

Vision to Action: Making the “Bridge to Growth” Come Alive (Video)

Vision to Action: A “Bridge” to Structure Your Company’s Growth (Video)

The 4-E (and 1-P) Framework for Hiring

In his book, Winning, Jack Welch describes the following criteria (framework) he developed over time for hiring good people:index

  1. E – for positive energy: the ability to go go go – to thrive on action and relish change.
  2. E – ability to energize others: the ability to get other people revved up.
  3. Eedge: the ability to make tough yes-or-no decisions.
  4. Eexecute: the ability to get the job done.
  5. Ppassion: heartfelt, deep and, authentic excitement about work.