Inspiration & Creativity

The Secret of Creative People


Concepts to Ponder:

  • Are you by nature curious, or do you stay in your comfort zone?
  • How can you push yourself to be more curious?
  • What “aspects of life” do you need to explore more?

Picture & Saying:

When You Think Something is Unchangeable…Think Again

If a picture is worth 1000 words, than a video must be worth 1,000,000. In the course of explaining concepts and facilitating teams I’ve found graphics and video illustrations to be extremely powerful. My recommendation: watch once to “take it in,” then a second time with some key concepts in mind (see below).

Concepts to Ponder (while re-watching the video):

  • What are you assuming is pre-determined? Is it?
  • Where do you assume you have the upper or lower hand? Do you?
  • Is there a paradigm you have that makes you approach people a certain way? Should you rethink it?

Email updates back ON! Here’s what you missed…

vacuum repair fun_aFirst, an apology to my email subscribers…Sometime at the beginning of the year automatic emails were inadvertently discontinued. Although I kept writing and posting, you were no longer receiving regular updates. Actually, it was through one of my faithful readers that the problem was brought to my attention.

But now it’s fixed!…and to get you caught up I’ve summarized 2 months of posts for you below (just click on the links). I hope this will help you pick up where you left off. Thanks for being faithful readers and commentators. I thrive on your support and feedback. This blog exists because of you. (more…)