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2015 Lessons Learned are In! It’s all about ACTION…!

2015 “lessons learned” are in! A BIG THANK YOU to all who contributed…

Just a little context before we jump in…This is the second year I’ve conducted a “Lessons Learned Exchange” at Blue Ink, asking readers to contribute 2 lessons from the past year (see the comments below).

The objective is three-fold: 1) learn and build on the past i.e. “look back to live forward”, 2) benefit from real firsthand experience – life experiences leave “deep marks” and always beat abstract concept, 3) leverage the “community effect” – rooted in the belief that giving “life knowledge” to another person is an invaluable gift.


Kickoff #2015LLE! Share your lessons learned here on the “2015 Lessons Learned Exchange”…

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you know that an over-arching theme is exploring, learning and finding ways to develop as a leader. Obviously one of the key ways of doing that is not just to “consume” but to share. Since we’re getting close to the end of the year (hard to believe!), it’s a great time to do exactly that…AND, just like in 2014, I invite you to do it HERE!

How does it work? It’s really simple. I’m asking each reader to write 2 important lessons learned in the comment section below. By the end of December, I’ll summarize all the entries and synthesize the key lessons learned for you to review — a “crowd-sourced” summary of 2015.

In 2014, nine themes came to to light, focusing primarily on the theme of “relationships” (click here to read). I’m really excited to see what learnings will emerge this year.

So here we go, kickoff #2015LLE – “2015 Lessons Learned Exchange.” Thanks in advance for sharing!


I Quit! Why Employees Leave (Gallup Study)

An extract from the New York Times on a study performed by the Gallup Organization focused on better understanding why people quit their jobs:

i quit“…most workers rate having a caring boss even higher than they value money or fringe benefits. In interviews with two million employees at 700 companies, Gallup found that how long an employee stays at a company and how productive she is there, is determined by her relationship with her immediate supervisor. ”People join companies and leave managers,” said Marcus Buckingham, a senior managing consultant at Gallup and the primary analyst for the study.”