Goin’ Green(s)

Anyone who knows me, or reads the “About” section, is aware that one of my hobbies and passions is fitness & health. I love it! It’s not only because of the obvious “body benefits,” but it’s is an important ingredient to the whole idea of diversity and balance in life – “sound mind, sound body” etc.

Because fitness is such a personal passion, this post will “officially” launch the “BLUE LIFE” section of my blog – a category focused on fitness, faith, family, fashion, current events – all the “other stuff” I really care about that makes up the ingredients of a colorful life.

So…I want to start with a quick personal tip on using celery in smoothies. I can hear it…you’re saying…what? Got to be kidding – celery (on this blog?)? Really? Nope – not kidding. No apologies. Celery! Here goes…Celery @ The Shuk

I’ve always heard and read how many servings of “greens” I need to eat to be healthy…and despaired. I love vegetables but – fresh is expensive, I’d have to be eating them at every meal…I’m not ready to go vegetarian, I still like meat, etc……

However, since I exercise almost every day, and have protein smoothies afterwards, I started thinking – “I wonder if there’s a vegetable that wouldn’t ruin the taste of my smoothie, but would give me an extra serving of “greens?” Enter – celery!

From a practical standpoint, it has a couple of huge benefits – it’s virtually tasteless (blends with almost any flavor, or other ingredients), you can cut-up 3 stalks in 30 second (or less), no cooking or additional processing, texture is just like ice granules (once it’s been through the blender), and it’s likely one of the cheapest vegetables in the grocery store.

From a health perspective it gets even better….all you have to do is “google it.” The benefits are amazing. Here’s just a few – very low calorie; excellent source of fiber, flavanoid antioxidants (immunity); boosts libido for men; high alkaline that helps reduce acidity to support weight loss; soothing to the nervous system and reduces blood pressure…and on and on.

So, want to get another serving of greens…almost without noticing? Gin up your favorite smoothie or protein shake, add 3 stalks of cut-up celery. Done!

Try it. Enjoy it. Tell me what you think…or let me know your secret “green concoction.”

Picture: Creative Commons License J R via Compfight

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  1. AWESOME! Maybe this is my problem with my marriage brother. I need to back off the celery–lol! Great stuff keep it coming

    1. …or get your wife to begin eating celery also. Here’s an idea…start making her protein shakes. She’ll appreciate it. Thanks for the comment brother – I need an adjustment soon (and need to give you your book).